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Anna Davern is a well-regarded Australian contemporary jeweller. She trained at Sydney College of the Arts and RMIT and her practice straddles the visual arts, jewellery and fashion.
Anna works from the Northcity4 studios in Brunswick, Melbourne. She exhibits regularly and has held 2 major solo exhibitions at Craft Victoria, Melbourne. She has been represented in numerous Australian and international group exhibitions, is the recipient of numerous grants and awards and has participated in residencies in Sydney and Tallinn, Estonia.

"I have been working with the imagery from old biscuit tins and tin trays for a few years now and I enjoy being able to use a material with which I am familiar and that is traditionally associated with jewellery – metal – but that also has the ability to tell a graphic story through words and pictures.

"I started researching how I might be able to determine what is printed rather than relying on finding the image I want or working with what images I have available. The technique of sublimation involves using heat to embed a printed image onto metal that has been coated with a plastic surface. It is a great technique to use as I can do it in my studio and I don’t have to employ industry, which would involve printing in the thousands rather than individual images. I buy the pre-coated metal (I use steel and aluminium), print the images on my printer, which is loaded with sublimation inks and use an A4 sized heat press to embed the image.

"I’ve used the technique to create oversized fake versions of traditional styles of jewellery. It’s kind of an homage to one of the initial tenets of Contemporary jewellery which was to react against the use of precious materials. These works are also an alternative to the real thing at a time when the real thing may no longer be affordable.”